Club Director, Arturo Ochoa, has been involved in soccer for over 20 years between playing, coaching, and directing. After playing soccer for Omaha South High and Bellevue University, where he also studied Business Administration, he began to coach for Omaha South High and later became the Director of Coaching for Viva futbol Club. From the moment he mixed his two passions, soccer and business, he knew that was the route he wanted to pursue to give back to the community and make an IMPACT on kids lives.  Growing up playing in South Omaha and jumping from club to club was not ideal or motivating. After Directing Viva FC (18 teams later) he decided to restructure as a non profit organization called Omaha Nitro FC serving as the president and executive director. After many obstacles and challenges (thirty six youth and thirty adult teams later) Impact Football Academy is created.

This now brings Arturo to the present with a big project in place. Impact football Academy was formed to teach the game of soccer with a strict policy on discipline. Impact believes anyone can play soccer regardless of their knowledge in the game. As an academy, our primary focus is to create endless soccer opportunities to develop skilled creative players from the ground to the top.  Seeing some of your athletes play college ball is an excellent motivation. Impact will enforce academic discipline at an early age to ensure athletes have better opportunities and success when starting college. Our drive is to impact communitites, young athletes, and future coaches in a postive family enviroment, for years to come.