STEP 1: Go to U.S. SOCCER LEARNING CENTER to create an account.

STEP 2: In your account, register to the “Grassroots First-Time Referee” course and complete it. Once you completed the course, move on to step 3.

STEP 3: Go to TeamPass and create an account to register into our system, than register to Referee

STEP 4: In TeamPass (web versions), select games to begin refereeing based on your availability

STEP 5: Download the TeamPass app to view your league/tournament schedules assigned or selected once approved

STEP 6: You will receive an email from “QuickBooks” to set up your payroll account. Complete the instructions in the email immediately to ensure you receive your pay on Friday, unless the week includes a holiday. In that case, you will get paid on the following Monday.


PASO 1: Vaya al CENTRO DE APRENDIZAJE DE SOCCER DE US para crear una cuenta

PASO 2: Regístrese en el curso “Árbitro principiante de base”

PASO 3: Cree una cuenta en TeamPass y regístrate a nuestro sistema.

PASO 4: Programa juegos según tu disponibilidad entrando en la pagina web de teampass

PASO 5: Descarga la aplicación para acceder a los horarios de ligas/torneos que seas asignado

PASO 6: Te vamos a inviatar a la cuenta de Quickbooks via email para que llenes tu informacion para recivir depositos directos.

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