Why Impact Academy?

Impact is a well structured program with a big focus on development on academy soccer. Academy level gives you the opportunity to swing from team to team according to your level of soccer. Impact practices strict discipline, grade check, homework, player awards, and great sportsmanship all through the learning of soccer. It is important kids this age understand consequences and responsibilities.

At Impact we believe in having a great family environment, Outdoors all teams practice in one location, making it easy for parents who have more than one player. But that's not it, our games are scheduled on Saturdays (weather permitted) for over 19 of our teams in the course of 5 hours. No more jumping around from place to place. This creates a fantastic family environment. Our training facilities always have a concessions open, we understand being a parent means a lot of running around. Impact offers new players an opportunity to try it a whole month for Free, no commitments!



Sessions: Impact offers two-three session a week from training, games, classroom, fitness to special events and more!

Team Communication: Our communication is done through Teamsnap (Sports app designed specifically for teams. It includes pictures, email, messages, and GPS)

Facilities: IFA Indoor Facility, Collins Field, South High, and La Vista sports complex, Roberts Park.

Location: Robert's Park Council Bluffs, IA

Team: Teams are formed with Coaches, Academy manager, and an amount of players to allow room for playing time, growth, secondary players, and proper development.

Leagues: Teams will play in the Alliance League (games Saturdays) Teams are expected to play locally around the metro area.

Tournaments: Teams are expected to participate in two to three tournaments every six months. Tournaments are set for the whole year and will be discussed at parent meetings.

Cost: $55/ Month with NO REGISTRATION FEES! (tournaments are extra)

*Uniform cost is separate.





Impact has a partnership with Nike and Soccer Master making it easy for us to order any additional gear.

Choose from 1 of 2 of the following options:

Option 1: Game jersey, practice shirt, shorts and two pairs of socks. All for $95.

Option 2: Game jersey, practice shirt, shorts, two pairs of socks, and a warm-up top. All for $130.

We want to make sure it is the right place for you, please take advantage of our 1 month Free Trial!