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Emphasizing on building a foundation for the love the sport, guiding the future for tomorrow in a fun learning, creative, and safe environment

We STRONGLY believe in allowing kids between these age groups to be kids, teaching sportsmanship, teamwork and overall to understand the game. Encouraging them each and every step of the way to have fun with a ball at their feet, to just be kids.

Impact Minis is your first step into the game. With our Impact Minis, the scoreboard is not our priority, creating great dribblers is!

It is important kids are introduced properly to the sport, to create a better understanding and developmental opportunities to enjoy and stay in the game for years to come.

Below you will find a general description of what our schedule looks like, our practices and games are divided into two divisions U6  and U7/U8 players. Our U6 will remain an in house program while our U7/U8s play in house, friendlies, and join festivals.

For more additional information or  questions, please contact our office: 402.200.4408.



Program Description

YR Age Group Practice Practice /location League Games Program Duration Monthly Fee Uniform Fee
2015 U6 Mon & Wed Roberts Park Sundays Spring/Fall $65/Season $16.00
2014 U7 Mon & Wed Roberts Park Saturdays (Location varies) All Year $50.00 $70.00
2013 U8 Mon & Wed Roberts Park Saturdays (Location varies) All Year $50.00 $70.00
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