Coed and Women week 2 highlights

  • Munecas stands up to Santos Women! Munecas winning the second div. this past out door is doing a great job in the 1st Div.
  • DA United shows Rebles why they are the defending Champions winning 14-6
  • Nations applies the same medicine to NGU in the 2nd Div. wining 14-6.
  • FCB Women and new team Tweety go head to head! FCB comes out on top 7-5.
  • New team Santos Coed puts a stop to FCB Coed wining 5-2! These two teams are expected to play in the Semis
  • Explosion is making a comeback! After being absent for a season they come and defeat Copa Omaha 8-2.
  • Malaga upsets Mad Lads under the new Direction of Derek Ramirez
  • Independiente and Dep. Magana have close game to end the night with Dep MGN winning 10-8.


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