Impact football Academy was formed to teach the game of soccer with a strict policy on discipline. Impact believes anyone can play soccer regardless of there knowledge in the game. As an academy our primary focus is to create endless soccer opportunities to develop skilled creative players from the ground to the top.  Seeing some of your athletes play college ball is an excellent motivation. Impact will enforce academic discipline at an early age to ensure athletes have better opportunities and success when starting college. Impacting communitites, young athletes, and future coaches in a postive family enviroment, for years to come. 

Are you interested in coaching?, but you don’t know where to begin? Well you have come to the right place. At IFA we are looking for people wanting to make an impact in the community. To get started, please send us your information on how to contact you with a brief explanation on your previous playing experience and or your reason for wanting to coach. One of our staff members will be in touch. 



“Teaching more than just soccer”

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