Location: 4132 Harrison st. Omaha, Ne 68147

Game Times: 5:20pm - 7:30pm

Dates: Wednesdays 

Start Date: 11/17/21

Registration Deadline: 11/5/21

Cost: Free with the purchase of a $10 game shirt

Capacity: 30 Boys and 30 Girls

*Space is limited*





Our U8 League program is designed to provide first time players the experience to play and be part of a team. Our objective is to have FUN to enjoy the game, to see each new player develop, to grow as a player.

The Referee/Coach will attempt to further these objectives by showing enthusiasm for the game and explaining infractions to offending players. 

Referee/Coach has wide discretion regarding retaking restarts for instructional purposes versus awarding the ball to the opposing team for rule infringements.

This is the start of a great way to a youth sports career! We look forward to seeing you take part in this new opportunity.

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